Благотворительный концерт Uma2rman в Лондоне


Performance in Russian

Uma2rman will be taking the stage at Scala to perform a special programme containing all the group’s hits, as well as songs from their new albums “Sing, Spring!” (“Poy, vesna!”) and “Not of This World” (“Ne nashego mira”).

When they made their debut with their songs “Praskovya” and “To Say Goodbye” (“Prostits’ya”), they managed to touch their listeners’ hearts, which they then never left. The Kristovski brothers and their band, melancholy romantics and completely earnest musical mischief-makers whose albums have sold in the millions, have been making their way onto the playlists of music connoisseurs for over 14 years.

These winners of countless musical awards, including a prestigious MTV Award, transcend formats and genres. Take their charismatic pop-rock sound, skilfully combined with electronica. Then add in the rap of “Night Watch” (“Nochnoy dozor”) and the almost acoustic ballads “Pour Me One” (“Naley mne”) and “Note” (“Zapiska”), delivered with the precision of a shot to the heart.

All proceeds will benefit children in the care of Gift of Life.